Henry Schick Bio

Pastor Henry Schick is the founding pastor of River of life Fellowship Church in Watertown, New York. In December 2001, he and his wife Martha established the church based upon the fundamental Biblical values. Their main purpose was to build a church that would always preach and teach the "whole Bible for the whole family" and place "God and family first." The emphasis of the church message would always be Jesus Christ and Him Crucified.

At the age of sixteen, Pastor Henry committed his life to the Lord and accepted the call to preach and teach God's Word. To prepare for a successful ministry, he began ministerial studies at Roberts Wesleyan College, receiving a Bachelors of Arts degree and then a Master of Education degree in counseling at the University of Rochester.

He continued his studies to receive permanent New York State certification in school counseling and school administration which enabled him to council and work with youth in the public schools as well as in the church. Also, to prepare for church pastoral ministry, he studied for a Doctor of Ministry degree in Biblical Counseling at Trinity Theological Seminary.

Throughout the years, Pastor Henry has always been very devoted and dedicated servant of the Lord: teaching and counseling students in the schools, providing pastoral Biblical counseling in the churches, and founding and pastoring the River of life Fellowship Church for ten years until retirement in May 2012.